När får vi veta sanningen om Afghanistan?


Afghanska Malalai Joya blev välkänd genom svensk medier när hon lyckades få en plats i det afghanska parlamentet 2005. Googlar man på hennes namn så får man gott om träffar som leder till tidningsartiklar och tv- och radioprogram som publicerades under åren 2003 till 2007. Många artiklar och inslag tar upp det hot som Malalai Joya levde och lever under, dels som kvinna, dels för att hon kritiserat att krigsherrar och drogbaroner fått platser i det afghanska parlamentet. Någon kritik mot USA:s ockupation av Afghanistan står däremot inte att finns i intervjuerna med Malalai Joya.

2007 blev Malalai Joya utsparkade ur parlamentet av de krigsherrar och drogbaroner hon kritiserat.

Efter 2007 förekommer Malalai Joya inte alls i svensk media. Jag har åtminstone inte hittat några inslag från de senaste åren vid mina Google-sökningar på ”Malalai Joya site:sr.se”, ”Malalai Joya site:svt.se”, ”Malalai Joya site:dn.se” och Malalai Joya site:svd.se”. Kan detta bero på att Malalai Joya började kritisera USA:s ockupation?

För en dryg vecka sedan talade Malalai Joya vid San Jose State University i USA och signerade sin bok ”Kvinna bland krigsherrar”. I första hand var hon är i USA för att försöka få tala med Nobels fredspristagare, Barak Obama. Men det fick hon tyvärr inte.
Det Malalai Joya skulle vilja säga till Barak Obama är tydligen inte intressant för fredspristagaren. Uppenbarligen är det inte heller av den karaktären att det motiverar publicering i svensk mainstreammedia. Men Malalai Joya har fått utrymme i den US-amerikanska tidningen Mercury News för att säga följande. (Texten finns i svensk översättning hos Kildén och Åsman)

U.S. is doing no good in Afghanistan

By Malalai Joya

Special to the Mercury News
Posted: 11/10/2009 08:00:00 PM PST

As an Afghan woman who was elected to Parliament, I am in the United States to ask President Barack Obama to immediately end the occupation of my country.

Eight years ago, women’s rights were used as one of the excuses to start this war. But today, Afghanistan is still facing a women’s rights catastrophe. Life for most Afghan women resembles a type of hell that is never reflected in the Western mainstream media.

In 2001, the U.S. helped return to power the worst misogynist criminals, such as the Northern Alliance warlords and druglords. These men ought to be considered a photocopy of the Taliban. The only difference is that the Northern Alliance warlords wear suits and ties and cover their faces with the mask of democracy while they occupy government positions. But they are responsible for much of the disaster today in Afghanistan, thanks to the U.S. support they enjoy.

The U.S. and its allies are getting ready to offer power to the medieval Taliban by creating an imaginary category called the ”moderate Taliban” and inviting them to join the government. A man who was near the top of the list of most-wanted terrorists eight years ago, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, has been invited to join the government.

Over the past eight years the U.S. has helped turn my country into the drug capital of the world through its support of drug lords. Today, 93 percent of all opium in the world is produced in Afghanistan. Many members of Parliament and high Advertisement ranking officials openly benefit from the drug trade. President Karzai’s own brother is a well known drug trafficker.

Meanwhile, ordinary Afghans are living in destitution. The latest United Nations Human Development Index ranked Afghanistan 181 out of 182 countries. Eighteen million Afghans live on less than $2 a day. Mothers in many parts of Afghanistan are ready to sell their children because they cannot feed them.

Afghanistan has received $36 billion of aid in the past eight years, and the U.S. alone spends $165 million a day on its war. Yet my country remains in the grip of terrorists and criminals. My people have no interest in the current drama of the presidential election since it will change nothing in Afghanistan. Both Karzai and Dr. Abdullah are hated by Afghans for being U.S. puppets.

The worst casualty of this war is truth. Those who stand up and raise their voice against injustice, insecurity and occupation have their lives threatened and are forced to leave Afghanistan, or simply get killed.

We are sandwiched between three powerful enemies: the occupation forces of the U.S. and NATO, the Taliban and the corrupt government of Hamid Karzai.

Now President Obama is considering increasing troops to Afghanistan and simply extending former President Bush’s wrong policies. In fact, the worst massacres since 9/11 were during Obama’s tenure. My native province of Farah was bombed by the U.S. this past May. A hundred and fifty people were killed, most of them women and children. On Sept. 9, the U.S. bombed Kunduz Province, killing 200 civilians.

My people are fed up. That is why we want an immediate end to the U.S. occupation.

Även brittiska medier är öppna för kritik mot ockupationen. I somras fick Malalai Joya utrymme i brittiska The Guardian till att uttrycka sina åsikter. Då framförde hon följande.

The big lie of Afghanistan

My country hasn’t been liberated: it’s still under the warlords’ control, and Nato occupation only reinforces their power

o Malalai Joya
o The Guardian, Saturday 25 July 2009

In 2005, I was the youngest person elected to the new Afghan parliament. Women like me, running for office, were held up as an example of how the war in Afghanistan had liberated women. But this democracy was a facade, and the so-called liberation a big lie.

On behalf of the long-suffering people of my country, I offer my heartfelt condolences to all in the UK who have lost their loved ones on the soil of Afghanistan. We share the grief of the mothers, fathers, wives, sons and daughters of the fallen. It is my view that these British casualties, like the many thousands of Afghan civilian dead, are victims of the unjust policies that the Nato countries have pursued under the leadership of the US government.

Almost eight years after the Taliban regime was toppled, our hopes for a truly democratic and independent Afghanistan have been betrayed by the continued domination of fundamentalists and by a brutal occupation that ultimately serves only American strategic interests in the region.

You must understand that the government headed by Hamid Karzai is full of warlords and extremists who are brothers in creed of the Taliban. Many of these men committed terrible crimes against the Afghan people during the civil war of the 1990s.

For expressing my views I have been expelled from my seat in parliament, and I have survived numerous assassination attempts. The fact that I was kicked out of office while brutal warlords enjoyed immunity from prosecution for their crimes should tell you all you need to know about the ”democracy” backed by Nato troops.

In the constitution it forbids those guilty of war crimes from running for high office. Yet Karzai has named two notorious warlords, Fahim and Khalili, as his running mates for the upcoming presidential election. Under the shadow of warlordism, corruption and occupation, this vote will have no legitimacy, and once again it seems the real choice will be made behind closed doors in the White House. As we say in Afghanistan, ”the same donkey with a new saddle”.

So far, Obama has pursued the same policy as Bush in Afghanistan. Sending more troops and expanding the war into Pakistan will only add fuel to the fire. Like many other Afghans, I risked my life during the dark years of Taliban rule to teach at underground schools for girls. Today the situation of women is as bad as ever. Victims of abuse and rape find no justice because the judiciary is dominated by fundamentalists. A growing number of women, seeing no way out of the suffering in their lives, have taken to suicide by self-immolation.

This week, US vice-president Joe Biden asserted that ”more loss of life [is] inevitable” in Afghanistan, and that the ongoing occupation is in the ”national interests” of both the US and the UK.

I have a different message to the people of Britain. I don’t believe it is in your interests to see more young people sent off to war, and to have more of your taxpayers’ money going to fund an occupation that keeps a gang of corrupt warlords and drug lords in power in Kabul.

What’s more, I don’t believe it is inevitable that this bloodshed continues forever. Some say that if foreign troops leave Afghanistan will descend into civil war. But what about the civil war and catastrophe of today? The longer this occupation continues, the worse the civil war will be.

The Afghan people want peace, and history teaches that we always reject occupation and foreign domination. We want a helping hand through international solidarity, but we know that values like human rights must be fought for and won by Afghans themselves.

I know there are millions of British people who want to see an end to this conflict as soon as possible. Together we can raise our voice for peace and justice.

Två dagar tidigare hade The Guardian publicerat en artikel där USA:s vicepresident Joe Biden förklarar i vems intresse USA ockuperar Afghanistan.

”In terms of the national interests of Great Britain and the national interests of the United States and Europe, it is worth the effort we are making and the sacrifice that is being felt and more will come.”

När får vi läsa detta i svenska medier???

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  1. Visst, sakert helt riktigt…Om Sverige bara vagade inta en radikal hallning i fragan, sa borde ju det svenska deltagandet helt ske pa afghanernas villkor och darmed i vapnad strid mot ockupationsstyrkorna! Pa Afghanska folkets sida mot fortryckarna, haha, pa riktigt..! Uppratta frivilligforband, som ett nytt Spanien! Afghanernas sak ar var! – sticka strumpor tll vinterkriget… Bofors donerar mangder av material och den senaste utrustningen!

    Men nae du…fegspel som vanligt…att aldrig vaga ta stallning fullt ut…inte sticka ut hakan…eller sla naven i bordet…
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